Friday, 9 December 2011

training update

well we have actually managed a couple of training sesions since my last posting!! Far too long over due! We have been training with Laura Chudleigh, who has done really well over the last few years, and she uses consistant methods, that after enough repetition sink in for me!!!! which is perfect as that is what i need!
For those who arent aware, im having a few health issues at the moment, and i have my next hospital appointment with a specialist on the 22nd dec, to determine the best way to remove and biopsy the mass after an MRI. I will update when i know some more :)

Back to training!!! After our club match, in which all of my 5 that ran managed clear rounds :) daizy got a 3rd in her beginner class, beaten by her daughter phaze! :) Terra won hers, and harv even had a clear!! :) 2 of megs 4 runs i was very pleased with, the other 2 were horrendous!! :( lots of poles, very reckless!!
So we did our day with laura, she kindly let me stay the whole day, i was in pain from the previous day so Lydia took over and did the class with zig and then swapped to meg. I wont put everything that was done, but i was pleased with how they all worked, was good for Lydia to join in as she learns better when having to do it rather than watch it!
Since then i have put into practice with the other dogs what he have learnt with contacts, start lines, jumps & turns, and so far im very pleased with the results, meg after just 2 10 min sessions was doing nice 2o2o contacts, and looking ahead ready to release to her dead toy, zig & dai were the same, so i know just short bursts like im doing will work!!
Chase and loki have done some end positions, altho chase for some reason is finding it all a bit difficult, so im putting the low contact trainer together to get him more confident in using his bean poley legs :) Loki just needs to get used to running over things higher up!!

All5 that i trained all did some basic gridwork, waits, and with me varying my position for the release, so we did recalling down, from halfway and from the fist jump sending ahead. as chase worked well on it initially, he then had a break and later on he also did some turns :) slowly coming together!

I'm christmas shopping for them all this weekend... and maybe for a new addition too!!! watch this space!

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nellie-bean's blog said...

Hope you get it all sorted health wise Chel. Thinking of you. Hx