Monday, 7 June 2010

almost 7 weeks

2 pics of monkey jam this week, as he was insisting on having all the nice pics taken of him!

All pups passed their health test with flying colours, 1st vaccinations done, just chips now on thursday, the pups are all outgoing and find new things interesting, they have been carried out and about where we live to meet some different people and see cars and things, all part of their socialisation. The local kids also find them great fun, so we have had lots in over the week as its been half term! The cats are being very tolerant, and the rabbit is being yapped at to play through her run, but they are avid explorers and getting into everything!!!!

I hope the people who think i dont bring my pups up 'properly' read this and i welcome them to come and meet me and my pups and see for yourselves what goes on! I have decided not to let silly small minded peoples comments get to me, i know who they are and i know they will never have a puppy from my breeding, so really its their loss!

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