Friday, 29 January 2010

chase @10.5 weeks

Chase is coming along really well, still having to curb his nipping, but i have to say that is possibly the only problem i have with him! he is good as gold at home and work,plays when he is meant to, sleeps otherwise. wakes me up if he needs to go out at night, which has been often with his bad tummy, which seems to be getting better now ive taken him off of the burns.
He is seeming to know his name and responds well to it when called, he knows sit, and we are working on 'down'...its hard as he cant have any 'treats' so having to work with small amounts of chicken and toys, which is working for now!
he has his 2nd jab soon, so will be able to go to puppy class starting next week and actually join in, cant wait to get him out and about more on the ground...he's getting heavy now!


Tracy said...

He is so like his sister Page. Page also sleeps through the night, comes when called and knows sit. She also can nip but we have found pretending to cry stops her.

Anonymous said...

Love the top photo, nice bed!